What I’ve learned after two weeks of commuting

commuteputtputtI used to bike to work, and, if I didn’t bike, I had a 10 minute, surface street drive that was hardly worth mentioning. Two weeks ago, though, I started a new job about 13 miles away from home, which is 15 minutes on a glorious, traffic free day, but up to 30 minutes or more through a traffic slog (I am, thankfully, headed the opposite way of most people both coming and going).

Here is what I’ve learned after two weeks of being back on the road:

  • Slowly inching down the freeway is the perfect time to practice your hands-free driving. Steer with your knees; it’s fun! (Warning: May only apply to tall people.)
  • All the lyrics to Lady Gaga’s “Applause”
  • Speaking of songs: singing in the car with no shame whatsoever is really the most entertaining way to pass the time. Entertaining for you, and the people that spy you belting out at top volume, I’m sure.
  • Going up or down one exit can make all difference in the world in terms of getting on/off the freeway in a timely fashion
  • You’ll spend a lot of time contemplating “The Great Air Conditioner Challenge,” which is used to determine whether being cool or being able to accelerate is more important to your journey. Ultimately you’ll challenge yourself to go as long as possible without turning on the AC, but AC always wins in the end.
  • The population of Rancho Cordova (66,927, in case you were curious)
  • You’ll play the “No Lane Change” game, where you study the amount of lane additions and closures to the point where you learn exactly what lane you need to be in at the beginning of your commute in order to never have to change lanes after the initial merge. (We’ve all seen Office Space and know that weaving gets you nowhere fast.)
  • Despite its age and occasional sluggishness, my little ‘96 Honda Civic has still got it going on

A dose of life

into the highlands of the mind let me goThis week, as I just learned one of my best friend’s mom likes to say, I got hit with “a big dose of life.” I had already begun this list before I learned that phrase, although the list has since grown. It’s been one of those weeks where everything has intersected at once: the wonderful, the awful, the mundane, the “really!?!”, the exciting, the new, the bittersweet.

Since the internet is for nothing if not over-sharing, I give you a list of:

Everything I have done this week:
-Had my brother stake out my house to wait for the FedEx delivery man
-Put in my two weeks notice at my job of three years
-Got paperwork notarized for the first time in my life (including leaving my thumbprint!)
-Had a dinner party at my parents’ with family friends from France
-Filled out extensive paperwork for my new job
-Started training for my half marathon in October (including running really fast)
-Arose extra early to work on a freelance project (and stayed up a little late, too)
-Got happy hour with a friend I hadn’t hung out one-on-one with in more than a year (we calculated!)
-Had healthy communications with two ex-boyfriends, three if you count one who’s merged from “ex” title to “friend” title
-Had zero healthy communication with my current boyfriend
-Started watching Game of Thrones
-Celebrated one year of Sacramento Lululemon Run Club
-Celebrated my friend’s completion of the California bar exam
-Staged an intervention on someone who’d never seen Intervention and watched it whilst drinking champagne
-Donated blood
-Received notice of fraudulent activity on my credit card and had to have it canceled
-Went shopping for a bachelorette party
-Parted ways with the above mentioned “boyfriend”
-Saw my friend from college propose to his girlfriend
-Attended a bridal shower and bachelorette party for my friend from middle school
-Paid rent at my apartment
-Received the ransom from a ransom note my friend and I left at a party

What is up with the Al(l)isons?

Alison K Allison B at Red RabbitIn a land close to home, in a time far away, two separate Al(l)isons were born. One with one “L” to her name, and one with two, these ladies grew up in overlapping circles, but didn’t know much of one another (except that each knew the other spelled her name wrong).

Then, in late 2011, fate brought them together: they both attended a Fun Run at Fleet Feet (which, coincidentally was the post-CIM Fun Run, and the Al(l)isons would go on to run the CIM together the following year) and discovered something in common besides their names: a mutual love of running.

From those humble beginnings Alison K and Allison B went on to develop quite the friendship, which converges now in this website (along with other places).

We make no promises of what will be here, but we can promise that it will all be awesome. And fabulous. Definitely fabulous. So follow along and stay tuned for quality thoughts (and photos!) from your favorite A-named ladies.